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My name is Nina and I live in Gentbrugge, a borough of Ghent, with my two sons, Ben and Arne. Growing up, dogs have always been a great part of my life. I’ve had dogs throughout my whole life, two to four on average, of different breeds and varying in size.  They have always been a part of the family and they walk around freely inside our house. My two sons grew up surrounded by dogs and it will not surprise you in the least that Arne inherited my affection for dogs.

It all started when Arne was 9 years old. For a period of three months, we had a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Border Collie staying with us. Gipsy, the female Bernese,  was his absolute favorite. Subsequently, when the two dogs went back to their owners, Arne kept on asking for his own Bernese as he had fallen in love with the breed. At the age of 14, I thought the time was right for me to grant him his wish. At first we visited a couple of exhibitions and that is where Arne realized that he would want to participate in these dog shows with his own Bernese.


We went looking for his own Bernese and quickly bought Kayla Van Ardiga, four months-old at the time. Arne took her to the dog’s school to teach her the main principles. Not long after that, he started to take Kayla to weekly show training sessions. In April 2012, Arne entered his first competition with Kayla when she was nine months old. Even though it did not go as fluently as Arne had hoped, several colleague-breeders showed their support, which made Arne want it even more. In the meantime Arne has gained experience by entering several other dog shows with Kayla, which were rather successful. She likes everything and everyone, as long as she is with her biggest friend Arne!


Meanwhile Arne’s twin brother Ben started to become envious of his brother’s new best friend Kayla and one day wanted to have a Bernese of his own. That is how 11 months-old Kalina Easy Living came to live with us. As she was given a very extensive education with her breeders, she was a beautiful ‘ready made’ dog. Ben does not like dog shows as much, so that is why he lets his brother do them. However, Kalina is not very fond of going to these shows, so we decided  to stop bringing her.


Our two Bernese live in harmony with our two Jack Russells and several cats. They love playing in the garden or just lying on the terrace. We also take them out for a walk on a daily basis, take them to friends, etc. In other words: they are a true part of the family!

In the meantime, I’ve gained some good experience concerning this special and extraordinary breed. I’m very much aware of the fact that Bernese Mountain Dogs need to be treated carefully and tactfully to preserve and, on top of that, improve the race.

I’ve read several books, contacted experienced breeders for good advice, found out different blood lines and pedigrees and, lastly, took a course “Cynology for New Breeders” at the Royal Society of Saint-Hubert (KMSH) in Brussels.

As I feel I’m read into the Bernese Mountain Dog, I’ve decided to continue Kayla’s blood line. She answers to the race standards, has had her X-rays taken, has good results at dog shows, descends from a good blood line and has a very social character.


On May 17, 2014 Kayla gave birth to 12 beautiful puppies. In our 'puppies' you can see how the pups have grown into beautiful Berners with a stable character.


Red bitch stayed with us and is called Nicky Or Bermodo's House. She has  put her first steps in the show world, and now has a page in the section 'our dogs'.


We have a Facebook page, where we regularly give an update of our first litter. All owners can follow the littermates of their pup in their development.

 facebook  Bernese Mountain Kennel Of Bermodo's House.


We are members of, and breed according the rules of the BKZS. The puppies have a pedigree Saint Hubert and be in compliance with chip, passport, vaccinations and deworming. They grow up in the house and are well socialized. For eight weeks, they receive our full attention!